Do you want to know are you fit or not? Just take some simple fitness test every day to maintain your fitness and know how much you have strength for your routine work.

20 minute walk

take walking testAt least 20 minute walk daily is necessary for your fitness that will boost your energy, control your blood sugar and blood pressure. If you can walk 20 minutes without feeling tiredness it means that you are fit enough on the other hand you are unable to do so, you should have to go to your doctor and start practicing walk on daily basis.

10 minute dance to a fast beat

dacing for fitnessDancing is a healthy and entertaining activity to keep your muscles fit and stronger. If you are able to dance on a fast beat and you are not feeling tiredness you are fit to do everything. Dance is not only an entertaining activity it will help you to burn your extra calories without any hard workout routine.

Stairs up and down carrying a large basket of cloths

stairs up and down for fitnessThis is a simple task do to at home, if you are a house wife and you have to climb from ground floor to the first floor while carrying a large basket of clothing. This is a simple fitness test to do at home and check your working strength. Do this test your own and check your stamina to do your homework with active body.

Twist your body without moving feet

twist your body for testYou can do this simple test at anywhere to check your flexibility. This test will let you know about your strength of back and neck muscles. If you are unable to do so, keep moving your body on daily basis and once you will achieve your goal.

Raise your foot as high as your hip

kick foot up to your hipIf you can rise your foot as high as your hip you are good enough, however if you feel trouble in this simple fitness test you need to do yoga and relax your body with different yoga moves.

10 times Jump up and down

jumping to be fitIf you can jump up and down again and again 10 times this is a sign of a well-controlled heart rate. Keep practice jumping in order to maintain your heart beat and burn calories from your body.