Cooking is an art and taking your email in kitchen is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. However, this is another fact that the weight gain problems start from the kitchen, as we all cook our meals in kitchen and we do some mistakes while cooking meals that cause weight gain problems. Here are some of the cooking mistakes that you should avoid from while preparing your food.

Using the Wrong/too much Oils

use right oilsTo use poor quality oil would make your meal tasty but it will never healthy for you. When an oil heats past its smoke point the fatty acids in this oil degraded and produce toxins and Trans fats. So oils are full of fats and when it goes wrong or you may use it too much in your meals the results will be weight gain without overeating habit.

Baking Without Roasting Pan/Wire Rack

baking witout wire rackBaking is one of the best ways to keep your meals low calories. However, until you put your meal in the dish and soak up its own grease it would distort your all of your weight loss efforts. Make sure to bake our foods in a roasting pan or at least keep it on a wire rack when you bake it.

Skipping the Spices in your Foods

psicies in the foodWe usually use sugar, oils and salts to add flavors in our foods and we skip spices to add that cause weight gain problem. To add spices in our meals is one of the effective weight loss strategy. Species may help you to eat less and prevent you from overeating that is one of the major cause of weight gain.