There are several body types that people have on the base of their metabolism and carbohydrate consumption system. If you want to reach to your fitness goal you will need to know your body type to join specific workout and exercise plan. Once you will know your body type your will easily determine your fitness plan. Here are the three body types and what they mean:

determine your body type

1. Ectomorphs

This is a natural thin body type that is best to gain size and muscles. People own this kind of body type can consume high level of carbs without any side effect because of their speedy metabolism and carbohydrate tolerance.

2. Endomorphs

This body type tends to overweight people, and common among those people who want to lose body fat. People who owed this body type have to do hard work to lose weight because of their slow metabolism and low carbohydrate tolerance. They usually have harder process dietary loads of carbs.

3. Mesomorphs

This body type usually owned by athletics or muscular. People have this body type are successful to main their mass and low body fat percentage because these type of people have faster metabolism and moderate carbohydrate tolerance. They don’t need harder workout to maintain their fitness level.