If you are looking one of the best workouts plans to lose your weight, and then must consider Bike Workout plans to follow in regard to lose your weight. It is the best exercise activity to burn calories rapidly and easy to access and easy to do. The major thing that you have to note is that how to follow the plans for this exercise and which way will be suitable for you while doing this exercise. The time schedule is another key point that is needed to understand from start to end along with the speed rate. All the factors regarding bike exercise are explained below with each perspective just scroll down the page and read carefully.

Light Bicycling

cycling for weight lossPhysical appearance is very important to influence on others and to maintain the level of confidence that you have to manage throughout your life. Bike Workout is the best choice if you want to burn your extra fat because it burns near 325 to 474 calories from a person’s body that would be best to reduce weight. This survey was done by a Department of Health and Family Services on the people whose weight is about 130 to 190 pounds. You should prefer light bicycling if your heart beats about 35 to 54 per minute at the maximum level of 220 heartbeats according to your age. According to the estimation a person become able to lose 1 pound weight when he becomes successful burn 3,500 calories in 10 hours, which is not an easy task.

Moderate Bicycling

easy cycling for weight lossIf your heart beats about 55 to 69 percent of the maximum level, then you can choose a moderate level of bicycling. Doing the workout in this way on a daily basis can burn more than 600 calories with the weight of 190 pounds. This is the most effective choice for the workout plan followers because with this you can lose one pound within eight hours that not possible with light bicycling.

Vigorous Bicycling

fast wight loss with cyclyingYou can vigorously ride cycle if your heart beat reaches at maximum level of 70 to 89. This type of bicycling burn calorie from 620 to 906 and the quality of this exercise is that these calories will burn within an hour that is the best thing of this cycling. It means you have different choices to choose one of the best bicycling workouts to reduce your weight by burning calories.

Setting Up Sessions

Before you act on these workout plans for bicycling you have to fully prepare to follow the commands regarding these sessions. To plan the activities is very essential part because you have to analyze the condition of your body system including the rate of your heart beat and the stamina to bear hard plans. Time and day schedule is also matter in this workout plan which you have to follow to get best results. For the members of under 50, it is suggested that the heart beat should not increase up to 140 and the speed of your bike should also not increase to 150 otherwise problems can be occur due to performing Bike Workout.