Jim Morris spend 30 year of his life as competitive bodybuilder, and now living a life of vegan from the past 12 years. At the age of 50 he was a vegetarian and he stated a vegan life at 65. He thinks to associate with eating less meat and more vegetables and fruits are making a transitional effects over the globe. A plant based diet is 60% healthier and save you from chronic disease.

78 years old vegan manJim is not only one bodybuilder who is living a vegan life as there are many others also available, who are displaying enormous amount of strength in the field of body building as vegetarian or vegan.

According to a research that the rates of heart disease and many cancer types are associated with animal portions so by avoiding from these kind of portions we can live a healthier life. On the other hand a plant based diet provide you a perfect quantity of calcium, nutrients and carbohydrates that are essential for your body.

Jim shared the quantity of protein in animals are filled with fats and chemicals that would be harmful for your body, when he start eating vegetables and left all of protein stuff, his digestive problem was resolved. He added he don’t want to concern himself with protein anymore, because this is enough that he is eating as a vegan. At this age of 78, he is not only healthy as well as he feels better.

If you are going to be a vegetarian or vegan and want to be healthy by eating non protein, so this 78 years old man is a big inspiration for you who is living an average life from the past 30 years. However, it is important to do research by your own before you convert to a vegetarian diet.