An office work especially to stick with a desk increase your chanced to gain more weight. People who how have to spend a lot of time on a chair in front of their computer they have to such problems. However, it is necessary to keep yourself fit with a proper office job while following the under given healthy steps. The given steps will help you to avoid weigh gain problems along with managing your desk job.

Drink More Water

drink water during office workWater is a best ingredient to lose weight, as it will keep your mind free from soda, coffee or alcoholic drinks. If you drink more water you have to go bathroom more times that will help you to leave your chair and burn some calories.

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Walk in Office

simple office workoutNever keep yourself sticky with the chair, after the completion of each task, simply leave your chair and take some steps in the office room. Take 2 minutes break after each hour and get up from chair.

Exercise on Chair

simple office chair workoutYou can use your office chair for light exercises. Take some simple moves while using your office chair in which you can move your hands and legs without moving your chair’s position.

Take Loading Time

exercie during loading timeWhile downloading from internet or loading some programs on your computer you have to wait for a while for the completion of that task. If you want to avoid weigh gain while office job, it is an interesting and effective way to use your loading time into simple exercise. During this time you can take some leg stretches or go for a work on other side of office.

Use Office Stairs

use office starirsOne of the simplest office workouts is to use office stairs instead of elevators or electronic lift. Go to your first floor at least 3 times a day. Try brisk walking to go one side to another side of your office.

Bring Lunch from Home

home made lunch in officeThe restaurants don’t know how much calories you want and these meals contains high calories in different foods. There is nothing to better, if you bring your lunch from home, which will be healthy and contains as low as calories compared to your nearest restaurant.