Back pain is a common problem among adults and they have to face several problems just because of this problem. It not only effects a single part of your body as well as it creates different issues in your routine life. Here we have some of the big myths about back pain that you should avoid from to save yourself from back pain problems.

back pain myths

Doing Wrong Exercise

This is one of the big myths of back pain, people who choose wrong exercises or do some extraordinary moves during workout they have to face back pain problems during or after exercises. Do exercise according to your physic or as per your trainer’s instructions to prevent yourself from back pain problem.

Having Over Body Weight

It seems that fat or obese people have more back pain issue as they have crossed their normal weight and have a unshaped body that affect their backbone and increase back pain. They have less physical activities and stay sit whole day so obesity stresses the back.

Lifting Heavy Weight

Lifting heavy weight is another cause of back pain issue, when you lift heavy weight it disturb your back bone. The load you lift should be in a normal quantity and don’t bend your body when you lift weight that would hurt your back.

Sitting Wrongly

People who have desk job have common issue of this major back problem, to sit on a chair for a long time period also strain your back. If you have a desk job try to stand after few minutes during your work and save you from back pain issue.

Having Less Weight

Many people get back pain however, people who have a thin body they have less chances to suffer from back pain, they usually have anorexia, that is an eating disorder to save from fatness.