People who wear skin fit jeans mostly like right lower body parts from butts to thighs. In order to get tight lower body parts you need to do some special exercises. These exercise will show you results in few weeks to get a slim and tight body parts.

1. Side Plank Side Kick

thighs exerciseSimply lay on your side elbow floorboard to left or right side bent under shoulder, hips and heels weighted, bent your knees nearly 90 degrees toward your body. When you are on left side keep your right hand behind head for support. Simply lift your left hip from floor as right leg extends out to side of hip, flexing foot and pushing out through right heel. Return to starting position.

2. Sliding Sumo Squat Reach

best exercise for tight thighsSimply stand and wider your feet and hips, toes and toes. Now it’s time to go down into a deep short, forceful hips back and attaining fingertips to the ground keep your body straight and keep your chest lifted eyes focused front. Spread legs as right repair slides hooked on right, keep attaining both arms to overhead.

3. Side Lunge to Rear Lunge Touchdown

lung exercise for thighsSimply stand keeping your feet together, arms by sides. Take a wide step towards right side and take a side lunge and bend your right knee while pushing hips back and touch your left hand to the right toe. Quickly move your body to the left side and touch your right hand to the left toe.

4. Plie Squat Jump

jumping exercise for thighsSimply stand and keep your both feet together, arms by sides. Slightly sit back lower into a thin short location with hands at hips. Take a straight jump and move your body to up, land into a deep plie squat position and wide your legs to the sides and slightly turn your hips under shoulders.