Here we have some of the spacial and unordinary facts that are making you fat without letting you know that you are getting fat. There are several things that will help you to get obese but these 3 are unusual things that are making you fat.

Lack of Sleep

less sleeping with make you fatThe researchers found that less sleeping at night time will affect your health as well as you would have to face obesity in future. The less you sleep the more chance you have to damage your waistline. The New York Obesity Nutritional Research Center founds while you sleepy folks it help you to burn a number of calories so you will need at least 8 hours rest at night to burn those calories that you consume in your day time.

Overweight Friends

frinds will make you overwegiht A research by England Journal of Medicine proved people who have obese close friends they have more chance to get fat enough. The research was followed over 12,000 people more than age of 32. The people who have obese close friends they have 170% higher chance of becoming a fat person. The theory based on that you are more influenced by your friends by their eating and their life style and people follow their life style unconsciously while eating and other activities and you got fat without knowing.

However, the good news is that if you are impressive for your friends the theory would work in reverse.


stress will make you fatAnother research founds people who have chronic stress they have more chance to produce cortisol and insulin. When people try to combat your stress with food and you will have more chance to eat without letting you know how much you have eaten. So avoid stresses and keep you busy when you have any problem.