To stay fit is one of the major goals of people, but the matter is that how do you know your routine that is really working for you. On initial basis you should have to keep your record of weight loss that will tell you the whole story of your fitness journey. Just follow the under given step to measure your fitness progress.

best fitnes tracking tips

Use height and weight charts

These both things a height and a weight chart are useful for exact body measurement. In order to aim your weight in a fitness mood you should know your height, and it can be calculated by measuring your BMI.

Use BMI chart

The Body Mass Index (BMI) help you to know your exact weight according to your height. The BMI calculator will tell you that how much fit you are, by displaying results for underweight, fit weight, overweight or obese. So first of call calculate your BMI to know the exact match of your weight as per your height.

Use fitness journal

This is a good way to measure your progress in your fitness plan. While keeping a fitness journal you can write who you are feeling after one week of workout and diet and how much your program effected from the previous 1 month. It will help you to increase your energy level to decrease your weight.

When you keep tracking what you are eating via fitness journal it will effect in two ways, 1st it will help you to keep daily intake food or calories, 2nd you can see the natural improvements with your healthier eating.