If you are a lover or leggings but you are unable to fit in your favorite leg cloths. If it is difficult for you to fit in your favorite leggings, there are some of the best moves. You just need to perform these leggings workouts four to five days in a week that brings results faster, each workout needs 3 minutes to perform with 1 minute rest between each round.

Side Squat Flamingo

Side Squat FlamingoKeep your left foot on the top of step then come into the squat position and bring your both arms straight out in front of chest. Now rise up and extend your legs while shifting your weight into left leg and stand up on top of step. Bend your right knee and twisting heel behind your body as you stiffen abs, crush internal thighs with each other and bend elbows behind torso. Now come back from where you start and repeat.

Rear Raising Lunge

simple real rizing lung exerciseStart with a splitting posture, while taking your right foot on top of the step. Come to the lunge position, bend your knee to the back side under your hip and extend your both arms to overhead. Shift your weight into right leg and stand up by extending left leg, keep your hips to the straight position arms lower by sides. Come to the starting position and repast the move.

Inner-Thigh Star

Leggings WorkoutStart with full side plank along with your left foot using step use your right foot for pointing, with toes casually appointed on the floor in front of step. Extend highest arm to maximum above shoulder, lower of the arm situated directly below shoulder for support. Now tighten your abs lift bottom leg to the up site while intersection the midline of body, revolving heel somewhat up to ceiling.