Today Technology has taken an integral role in our life, in the same way we can use tech gadgets and internet to set our diet and workout plans. Hera are some of the web based and technology ways you can follow for faster weight loss in 2014, which can give you a big chance in your life.

Weight Loss in 2014Social Media Groups

There are several famous social networking websites are working over the internet. These websites have several groups of different kinds. Such as a large number of groups can be founded to join motivated peers who are interested to lose weight. The groups on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter may help you to start conversion with the people of same interest.

Online BMI Calculators

It is easy to set a goal to loss at least one pound per week. Calculate your MBI (Body Mass Index) on a reliable BMI calculator. Set a perfect body fitness plan for the whole year, which included diet plan, home workouts and gym that will be affective to lose 500 to 1000 calories in week.

Smartphone Apps

Today we are leaving in the era of Smartphone almost everyone has a Smartphone having Android or iOS operating system. You can find out a best application for your daily weight loss plan that help you to remember your diet and workout plans.

Fitness Tracking Devices

In this era of technology there are several products for tracking your fitness are also available. The Fitness-Tracking Devices will help you to plan exercise and diet on daily and weekly basis. The device will encourage you for small efforts for fast weight loss.

Video Tutorials

There are many online program can be watched on different social networking websites. You can also join the Google Hangouts for video conferencing service where a large number of health experts are waiting for you to guide you in a better way with affective weight loss tips. Or you can see online tutorials on YouTube or other social video websites.

Up to you..!!!

Now it’s your turn how much you will lose your weight with the use of technology in 2014. These all of the given methods are affective but the condition is you should implement the rules on your on a regular base.