People who have the bad habit to eat more meal as compare to their work load, this habit makes you fatter, however it is possible to eat less with the simple changes in your eating style on your dining table. If you are really interested to lose weight and want to prevent yourself from over eating it’s not going to be hard for you. You just need to follow the given instructions in order to stop over-eating while sitting on your dining table.

tips to avoid over eating

Eat at Home

The restaurants don’t know you are on diet and want to stop extra fat meals, however you can let your family know about this. They would be the best source to motivate you to eat less for better health because they love you.

Drink Water

Consume a glass of water before you start eating. Drinking water helps you to feel fuller and prevent you to eat extra food. It would be better to drink water before 10 minutes of your meal that will help you to curb the over eating.

Use Smaller Plates

When people use large plates to eat their meal they have more chance to intake more foods at once. So using a small plate make your food portion look bigger and you feel you have eaten enough.

Plan Your Meal

You may use a food chart in order to prevent over eating and paste it up on your table right next to your plate. When you see your daily meal plan before you start eating you will have chance to set your mind to eat right according to the plan.