Your body has set of calories that mange your weight, age, gender, height and activities. When your body consume more calories your body will gain more weight. Alcohol is one of the leading drinks for weight gain and it allow you to eat more calories after using alcohol.

avoid from alcohol for weight lossAlcohol expand your desire to eat so after using alcohol you will be able to eat as many calories in your meal. Read the following instruction how you can keep yourself away from alcohol.

Alcoholic Drink             Calories/10 oz.

  • Margarita                            2700
  • Frozen daiquiri                  2500
  • Whiskey                               1050
  • Lite Beer                              1000
  • Vodka                                   960
  • Rum                                       960
  • Wine spritzer                     490

A study have proved that the short term alcohol rise your food intake power and hunger feelings. If you are an alcoholic and really interested to lose weight faster you have to quit from this bad habit. We know it is not easy to do but your practice and motivation to lose weight will help you to avoid from alcohol.

alcohol and weight lossFollow the given tips for calorie reduction while consuming alcohol

  • Use a nonalcoholic drink consuming an alcoholic drink.
  • Try to drink after eating something, and avoid eating after drinking.
  • Always keep water with you while drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Try to use lighter versions of alcohol whenever possible.
  • Use fewer calories products in alcoholic drinks.