risky factors for overweight women during pregnancyA new study shows women who are overweight and pregnant as well, they weighed themselves weekly and follow text messages reminders gain less weight as compared to the women who did not.

It is natural to gain weight during pregnancy but gaining too much weight during this period would increase the changes of diabetes and risky for your baby. You don’t have to do a lot in early pregnancy days to avoid weight gain. However the continues practice will keep you healthy and safe.

Women who are overweight during pregnancy have high risk of gestational diabetes, but a healthy lifestyle program help the overweight pregnant women to reduce the chance diabetes that will be healthier for both mother and the baby.

There are half of the pregnant women in the United States are overweight, the study shows. The doctors think early pregnancy is one of the major cause of overweight or obesity among the American women.

The Institute of Medicine Guidelines reveal the weight gain for all type of women in 2009:

  • For normal weight Women: 25 to 35 pounds
  • For overweight women: 15 to 25 pounds
  • For obese women: 11 to 20 pounds

On the other hand according to the latest research of doctors it would be disservice to women that allow them too much weight gain. They think overweight among pregnant women higher the rate of birth defects among upcoming babies and higher the rate of diabetes among moms.

The studies shows babies who burn with the moms who have gestational diabetes would burn with their own complications. So, avoid weight gain is necessary during pregnancy.