best diet plan for breakfastA healthy breakfast is one of the most important element in our daily diet plan. The new researchers found that best healthy food choices are always effective for all age of people.

A study found that, the men who eat a healthy breakfast with equal number of calories and eat freely in the whole day, they are fit enough as compare to the men who intake protein rich breakfast they feel less hunger in lunch and snacks times.

However, they are able to take 400 fewer calories for the next 24 hours compared to the man who eat carb rich foods in breakfast.

Protein is a long satiating food source and extra fat in the eggs that you take in breakfast could contributed to the long time satiety.

According to the study of Egg Nutrition Center of the University of Connecticut there are some of the type of protein that could similar effects that you can find in tuna, meat, steak and chicken. However you have to avoid from manufactured protein supplements.

Some other studies found healthy eating in breakfast is more effective as compare to your other diet plans, so keep continue eating less calories foods and make your life happier with a fat free body.