You need food to get energy for your routine work however, if you eat more then you use it would store as fat. In the same way if your children are habitual to eat more when they were living a baby life, it would be one of the major causes to get fatter of your children. Here are some of the important factors that may cause obesity or overweight of your children.

children obiesity factors and facts

Factors about Childhood Obesity

  1. Their Food Choice – Foods that your baby use would have high level of sugar or fat would cause high obesity in the small age.
  2. Less Physical Activities – Children who spend more time in front of television, using computer, playing electronic games and they have less physical activity this type of children have to face more obesity as compare to other.
  3. Fat Parents – If the parents of children are habitual to eat more and they don’t have any physical activity it would be another major cause of overweight children. So the family eating habit concerned with obesity in children.
  4. Genetic Problems – It is not in the human’s hand as some rare genes are the cause of obesity in childhood. If there is a family tendency to get overweight, the parents need to be aware to make healthy food choice.

Facts about Childhood Obesity

Many of the health problems are linked with childhood obesity that your children would have to face in their adulthood. The early signs of these health issues can be found in in children that included:

  1. Diabetes – This common problem of adults has also been diagnosed in children
  2. Health disorders – Overeating cause to get overweight and your children would have to face problems with foot structure, they would have to face respiratory disorders as well, restrictions in the chest wall or blocked airways
  3. Sleeping problems – Small age obesity also affect your sleeping such as snoring habit, waking often during sleeping and poor sleep.
  4. Cardiomyopathy Problem – This is one of the dangerous risky facts about childhood obesity that your loved ones have to face heart muscle problems that would be faced during extra work.