If you are facing diabetes and your weight is getting increased, you need to follow very simple dieting plan in order to lose your weight fast. Here are some of the recommended foods and foods to avoid that help you to keep yourself healthy along with managing your diabetes dieting plan.

weight loss dieting planFoods to Eat

These are some of the food types that a diabetes patient should eat to lose weight.

Healthy carbohydrates

While avoiding sugar products you can focus on healthy carbohydrate foods included vegetables, legumes, fruits, grains and low fat dairy products.

Fiber-rich foods

The fiber rich foods included plant foods that are healthy for your body and cannot digest your energy. The fiber rich foods help you to decrease the risk of heart disease and these are helpful to control blood sugar levels.

Heart-healthy fish

Fish is good to eat and manage your dieting plan as this sea food is a perfect alternative of fat meats. Salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and bluefish are the type of fishes that are useful to increase heart health by lowering blood fats. Fish is good to weight loss but keep in mind always try to avoid fired fish that would case to increase your weight.

Foods to avoid

If there are some of the foods to eat for diabetes patients, on the other hand some of the foods are also here to avoid. Try to avoid the given food types that will be harmful for your health.

Saturated fats

Keep away yourself from more proteins such as hot dogs, beef that contain saturated fats. Just complete your 7 percent of your daily calories from saturated foods never get a single bite when you complete it

Trans fats

Avoid fat rich foods such as baked goods, snacks and avoid them completely. Don’t eat egg’s yolks, organ meats and shellfish. Never cross 300 mg cholesterol per day.