Sugar is one of the top prevented foods for diabetes patients but, to away from sweet foods is a difficult task for everyone especially for those who are banned to eat it. However, some of the foods can be used as best alternative of sugar if you are on a diabetes diet.


suar alternativeHoney is one of the simplest form of sugar that will be the good options for all diabetic patients to add in their meals and to make their foods sweeter. Honey is a best source to intake pure glucose used by athletes that provides them fuel to be more active, the study found. In actual honey increases its antioxidant capacity. You may use it in tea, yogurt, smoothies and breads instead of using sugar in these meals.

Maple Syrup

use meaple syrp insted of sugarMaple Syrup is a best source of potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and riboflavin that can be used as an alternative of sugar. A cup of maple syrup contains near about 20mg of calcium that are necessary for your daily recommended intake. You may use maple syrup in yogurt, glazes, chocolate sauces, vegetables and on salad dressings.

Turbinado Sugar

best sugar alternativeTurbinado Sugar gets this name from the processing it undergoes. This sugar made by the drying juice of sugar canes after spinning on high speeds trubinado until it converts into crystal form. Turbinado sugar can be differentiate from the normal sugar because of its yield negligible nutrition. You may use this sugar on top of cookies and muffins or you may also use it in cakes, breads and barbecue sauces.

Brown Sugar

alternative of sugarThe brown sugar-vs-white sugar is unrefined-vs-refined comparison works for brown and white rice. So, this sugar is less refined as compared to the table sugar and the misconception is that it is more refined sugar just because of its dark color. This sugar has less effects on diabetic patients and they can use the less quantity of brown sugar in flavor of molasses in baked meals.