A large number of people are facing type2 diabetes worldwide and some of them facing higher level of glucose and some of battling with low levels of insulin problems. These types of people have to face food insanity problems, however to intake more insulin would cause lower blood sugar level. We have a solution to stable your insulin quantity and prevent you to face lower blood glucose levels. Eat all of one your favorite foods to improve the use of insulin and live a healthy life.


almonds are better for sleepUniversity of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey researched and founded almonds are the best ingesting nuts  for adults facing diabetic problems. The patients of diabetes can follow diet with 2 oz. of almonds daily for 16 weeks they will have more chance to increase insulin sensitivity compared with those who don’t use almonds.

grapefruit for for weight loss

Scripps Clinic study founds grapefruit helps you to reduce insulin resistance by increasing its compassion. People who are obese as diabetic patient and start consuming fresh grapefruit juice with routine meal for 12 weeks found with increased insulin sensitivity and make them healthier.

Whole Grains

whole grains for diebetes patientsThere are several things are included in whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, cereal and oatmeal that would be more helpful for you to stable your insulin quantity. The University of Minnesota and Harvard Medical School research found people who followed whole grain diet plan had more chance to insulin sensitivity compared to those people who didn’t consumed refined grains.

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    Quinoa is grain-like and tastes good, but it is a seed like buckwheat and amaranth.