A large number of people who are diabetic they have to face many problems while eating and drinking common foods. The dubieties patients have to maintain their menu with a proper food stuff. Here is your diabetes menu plan from the start of the day to the end.

Diabetes Menu PlanThere are four types of foods that will help you to maintain your blood sugar level:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Fat

Carbohydrates will rise the sugar level on the other hand foods contain Protein and Fiber will decrease the blood sugar level after meal. You can use vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruit to maintain your energy. For protein you can use fish, olives, avocado and canola oil.


You should start the day with a healthy breakfast, that can be started with a high-fiber or carbohydrate as well as you can add some lean protein. You can use whole grain cereals, bread, waffles and fruit. For protein you can use eggs. It will be better if you will use vegetables like broccoli tomatoes or spinach. Low fat milk or fruit juices can be used as beverage.


You can wrap your sandwiches for a fast lunch with high fiber bread, try to add lean protein in your sandwiches it will maintain your energy. Never forget to use salad, yogurt, light mayo, vegetables or skim free cheese in your lunch meal. These food stuffs will help you to maintain your weight and sugar level.


High fiber products should be a major part of your dinner, as well as use colorful vegetables and lean protein in your daily food. At night never eat too much just take a light meal and go for a walk to increase your metabolism before you sleep.

These are common tips that everyone can follow easily however, these are very effective for the people to maintain their sugar level while suffering dubieties.