We all know during the summer it is difficult to live without water or different type of drinks. However fat people who are on diet have to avoid some of the drinks that would destroy their diet plan. Here we have some of the beverage types that you should avoid this summer to get your desired body shape.

Protein Drinks

drinks to avoid in summerProtein drinks would cause excess of calories in your body and sometime extra protein would need of your daily diet. You may use protein drinks on average base of 0.8 to 1 gram per kilogram that will be enough for your daily needs. However, your needs would be higher if you are involved in resistance training but it would be completed by the lean protein foods.

Energy Drinks

energy drinks are not healthy Some people who need energy they just try to grab a bottle of an energy drink that are fully loaded with caffeine and sugar and both ingredients are harmful for your diet plan. If you are on diet and focusing on healthy foods you should also avoid from these type of energy drinks. These energy drinks have some unsafe side effects on your health included damaging your diet plan. Energy drinks can cause caffeine intoxication that would damage your sleeping and you will have more chance to get fatter. If you consume caffeine on regular basis it will lead you to headache and changes mood problems.


avoid soda for weight loseSoda is one of the most consumed beverages in the summer season that may harm to your body and you will realize when it has done its work. According to the research a normal person needs only 100-150 calories in a day, and soda will increase its quantity on higher level, that will cause fatness into your body. So this summer avoid soda and its products if you want to keep continue with a well-shaped body.