Salad is one of the best way to make your lunch or dinner more delicious, however while dieting you have to be conscious about choosing salad ingredients. Here we have some unordinary salad ingredients with low calories that make your meal healthier and keep you away from eating more calories.


kale in saladKale is a low calories salad ingredients full of A, K and C vitamins that will help you to prevent from fats. It contains antioxidants and flavonoids that help you to protect your body from cancer. This is a good source of iron, potassium and phosphorus and best to eat in lunch or dinner’s salad. You may use it with the combination of coconut oil, avocado, yellow or orange bell.

Dried Mango

dried mango in saladYou may add some sweet touch into your salad bowl by adding dried or fresh mangos. Mangos have several health benefits included antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-diabetic effects to keep your body in fit shape. You may add mango with spinach and slivered almonds with red wine vinegar dressing or add olive oil in your salad to make it delicious and healthy.


Radishes in saladRadishes are the low calories salad ingredient for make your salad healthier. Radishes are low in calories and full of water it contains almost 95% of water quantity. It also contains high quantity of Vitamin C, folate and potassium. You may use Radishes in your salad along with olive oil, vinegar, orange or lime juice and chopped onion.


Celery in saladThis is another salad ingredient with low quantity of calories and fat to maintain your diet by eating healthy salad products. It is a best alternative to add in your salad bowl instead of calorie rich salad ingredients in fact a cup of chopped celery contains only 16 calories. In salad you may use it with dried sweet cherries, chopped pecans, mayonnaise, fresh lemon juice or frozen peas.


Cabbage in saladCabbage is one of favorite healthy salad ingredients contains vitamin A, C, K and B6. It is full of calcuium and potassium and packed with low calories to keep your digestive system in a good condition. This is one of the best products to add in your salad that will not only make it good looking as well as it is best for your health and dieting nutrition.