No Exercise

avoid exercisingTo do exercise is one of the most effective practice for everyone to avoid from fat. However, a large number of people who are getting fat are not doing exercise. There is only 20-30 minutes required to keep yourself fit and having a fat free body.

Less Sleeping

sleep lessThe lack of sleep would be another reason to get more pounds in your body and it helps you to weight gain. The lack of sleep will give strength to your appetite-regulating hormones and increase your hunger capacity. More you feel hungry the more you will eat and more you got fat. You need a 7-8 hour sleep each night and try to sleep early and wakeup early in the morning to do exercise.

Night Nibbling

eating at night timePeople who have the habit nibbling at night time is the worst habit of fat people. The studies shows people who have this bad habit consume more calories without knowing the side-effects of night nibbling. The researchers found that to eat meal after 8PM cause to get fat, so try to eat the night meal before 8PM and do some walk after the night meal.

Distracted Eating

eating without focusingUsing mobile phone, watching TV, browsing internet, driving cars or talking with others while eating your meals are the worst habits of fat people. The research found that people who do the same practices consume up to 50% calories as compare to focus eating. Enjoy your meal and avoid using gadgets, TV or computer when you are eating will help you to know what you are eating and how many have you eaten so far.

Don’t Follow Eating Plan

too much eating If you are already facing fat and you still don’t have an eating plan it would cause to face more fat life in future. You should have an eating plan on daily basis followed your weekly schedule. Prepare your meal and snack timing avoid in taking more calories.

Avoid Listed Grocery Shopping

no list while shopping meal To buy meal without plan will never an effective plan to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you are committed to lose weight faster plan before you go for grocery shopping. You should have a list of less calorie includes fruits, vegetables and lean meat.