A fat bally is a big challenge for your digestive system, throw gut bacteria out and it cause inflammation and increase pounds in your belly. You should decrease the use of given food list that are unhealthy for your belly. These are not completely unhealthy but the overuse of these foods would cause belly problems.

Carb-Dense Foods

bad foods fo bellyCarb-dense foods may change the stability of your intuitive vegetation, activating swelling. The foods that have high ratio of carb grams are generally considered carb-dense. Simply small potato, weighs 170 grams, the most of the weight contains mostly water and it has only 23% of carbohydrate. So, potato is one of the carb-dense foods that would increase your belly fat.

Unhealthy Fats

oils are bad for bellyThree type of fats named Trans fats, saturated fats, and omega-6 fats you should try to avoid, to keep your belly in fit shape. You can find these fats in some candies, grape-seed oil, sunflower oil and corn oil. Use the lower quantity of these oils to keep yourself away from unhealthy fats for your belly.

High-Lactose Dairy Foods

over dairy use unhealthy for bellyHigh-Lactose Dairy Foods can be found in yogurt, dairy based desserts and milk. Lactose found in all animal milks, that brock down in the small intestine by enzyme. How much you get older the less your body produce lactase so the overuse of daily foods may be irritating for your tummy.

High-Fiber Cousins

unhealthy foods for your bellyThe high use of fiber rich foods can cause flatulence in your body. It can be found in artichokes, onions and garlic. The more you eat these foods the more symptoms you see to get flatulence.

Beans and Nuts

but increase belly fatsIf you have the deficiency of enzyme to break down your Food map, so your intuitive bacteria must digest them and it will produce more gas. It can be found it beans and some nuts.