Vitamin D will help you to promote bone health and keep your immune system stronger. If you feel general weakness, depressive mood and pain in your bones these are the signs you are facing vitamin D deficiency. You should be contact to your doctor immediately and before you go to your doctor you can follow the under given practices to get more vitamin D from natural resources. The given natural resources will help you to intake more vitamin D and stay healthy without any side effect.

Take Sunshine

sun rays for vitamin DThe rays of sun are the major source of vitamin D, because your body creates UV rays when the sun rays hit to your skin. You should spend 5-30 minutes between 10AM to 3PM two times in week that would be enough to complete your vitamin D.

Use Vitamin D Foods

food for viamin DThink what foods you like most that contains high quantity of vitamin D and ask your doctor their eating quantity. Use the vitamin D rich foods on daily basis as per your doctor’s suggestions. However, you can also use some supplements to avoid from vitamin D deficiency.

Use Beef Liver

beef liver for vitamin DYou can use beef liver to complete the quantity of vitamin D in your body. Several people don’t like to eat liver, in fact this is one of the strongest food to eat for vitamin D. You can use beef liver with quinoa, veggies or brown rice will be more effective for your better health.

Eggs in Breakfast

use eggs in breakfast Egg is a simple meal to eat usually in breakfast, if you are facing vitamin D deficiency and weight gain problems. The white of egg will be a perfect breakfast for you weight loss strategy as well as it will give you enough quantity of vitamin D for the whole day.