honey for weight lossWe all know honey is a best Ingredient for beauty as well as it is a best source to lose weight. The research found that it is easy to drop your waist size in a month by simply taking spoons of honey before you go to sleep. Here you know how honey helps you to reduce your weight and get a fit body shape.

Honey can work as a fuel for your body and produce a powerful glucose that keep your sugar at an optimum level and force to release fat burning hormones. The research found honey is the best ingredient to keep the athletes fit for their game. So you may use three spoons of honey with hot water before you go to bed.

McInnes a diet expert, found that most of us are facing fats due to unhealthy combination of sugar in our body. He thinks when we take some spoons of honey before going to sleep, our body starts to burn fat in early hours of sleep. While sleeping when your refined sugar replaced with honey, it makes your brain rebalance that forces you to consume more sweets.

However it would not be enough for you to rely only on honey diet, you have to keep continue your other weight losing activities that include:

  • Keep consuming lean protein in your lunch or dinner
  • Keep you active with the help of fruits and vegetable
  • Keep you away from the junk foods
  • Keep practicing fat burning workouts