The thyroid is a gland situated at the below of human neck. It is a small, butterfly shaped and also a complicated kind of glands known as endocrine system. It effects many of the body’s activities. This gland generates hormones which controls the body’s metabolism. When thyroid glands start producing too much or less quantity of hormones it causes several problems.

how to prevent form constipatation


It causes the given diseases:

Hashimoto’s Disease

This disease can occur at any age but common in the middle-age women, this disease effects the body’s immune system and slowly destroys thyroid gland and also it powers to produce more hormones.


Goiter occurs because of iodine deficiency commonly after the age of 50 especially in women who have thyroid disorders.

Thyroid Nodules

This disease occurs after Hashimoto or after iodine deficiency it causes nodules in women and increases the sexual desire in men with age.


Constipation is a common problem among adults it causes to make your stools harder, difficult or painful to exit. When Constipation occurs it increases the time of your trip to toilet and the patient feels pain in the lower part of tummy.

Why Constipation Occurs?

  1. Not eating enough fiber
  2. Not drinking much water
  3. Some special slimming diets
  4. Some medicines
  5. Various medical conditions
  6. Pregnancy


This is a typical disease among men, in which they have to face hair-fall issues or their hair goes thinning or shorter or it causes to create U-shaped pattern of hairs around the head.

Causes and Symptoms

  1. Harsh hairstyles or treatments
  2. Hormone imbalances
  3. Illness or surgery
  4. Medications and vitamins
  5. Nutritional deficits

How to Prevent from Constipation, Baldness and Thyroid Problems

  1. You may increase your water drinking quantity increase by at least 8-10 glass of water per day.
  2. Eat more fiber rich foods include vegetables, fruits, nuts and beans to take more fiber quantity.
  3. Increase a lean quantity of coffee in your diet it will prevent you from above discussed diseases as well as help you to reduce your weight if you are fat.
  4. Increase the quantity of juice in your diet
  5. Do squats in a natural position
  6. Do Exercise

The Conclusion

Collectively we have found that these three diseases are inter-related with each other, as once you get a proper cure from one of them then you may able to get rid of all these diseases. Try to put some fiber rich foods like green peas, split peas, carrot, Tomato and corn. The under given fiber rich vegetable food chart will be useful to know the quantity of fiber of your favorite vegetables.

fiber rich vegetable chart