Try the given healthy recopies of dried weight loss foods that you can easily make at home and don’t worry to store them.  

Maple Nut Granola

nuts for weight lossIt would be a delicious breakfast for you and your kids. Maple-Nut Granola of the dry fruits having less calories,which is good for weight loss. The low-fat vanilla yogurt in granola a complete diet for you that you can easily made at home. People love to eat maple-nut combined with heart-healthy granola and it is also helpful for you heath.

Spiced Nuts

weight loss nuts RecipesIt is delicious to eat and affective for weight loss. Special Nuts included Five-Spice Pistachios, Curried Cashews, spice combos and Lime Peanuts mixture. This master method of special nuts mixing is a perfect and lite diet without using any liquid ingredients will be helpful for easy to make diet foods.

Chocolate Crunch

chocolate for weight lossChocolate Crunch included wheat cereal, almonds coated and pretzels in poignant chocolate makes a healthy and delicious food for weight loss. The chocolate crunch included sweet and salty snack that make it more delicious and healthy.

Nut Balls

nut ball for weight lossThe dried foods have some extra energy and the nut ball make them more delicious. Nuts is a full of nutritious diet that make the festive fruit delicious and a perfect weight loss product. The dried coconut codding on the mixture of nut ball make it good looking, which is also healthy to eat.

Chocolate Orange Truffles

chocolate weight loss This semisweet chocolaty food with orange flavor is best for you to lose weight faster. However, orange would add an exotic taste but it will be healthy for you. It is easy to make at home to store in refrigerator and eat whenever you want.