Fat loss and muscle gain, all depend upon your diet and the way you follow during your dieting. Normally people do not have an idea about the best way to do a diet and they become unable to tone their body on to their require way. For muscular beauty you have to manage your diet in that way to provide you proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in a normal amount that will help you reduce and to build your muscles. Time schedule also matters in this regard otherwise you will remain fail to gain your desire body.


best protinesProteins play an important role to build your body and its muscles even a study reveals the results that 25 percent of the human’s muscular mass totally depends upon proteins. It means it is the main ingredient that you have to take in your daily diet that also improves the biological process of the human body. These are the reasons that everyone puts pressure on to the protein diet due to its valuable effects. Another best thing of proteins is that it cannot increase the weight of body whereas it helps build up muscles and enhance the energy of the system.

Use of Protein Foods

Add protein containing food stuff into your diet to Fat loss and muscle gain because it is the essential part of your diet plan that makes you powerful and encourage your body. It does not mean that it is the main ingredient in your body, but you have to take a specific amount of protein in your normal diet like .5 to 1 gram is enough if you are a healthy person. In case of having any problem you can increase the intake of protein up to 1 gram, but it must be with consultancy.


useful Carbohydrates for foodCarbohydrates work to provide energy to the system and boost the cells to work properly. These are not as important as others to eat and to Fat loss and muscle gain because they fulfill their requirement via the procedure of Ketogenesis and gluconeogenesis. Another thing is that the human body takes energy from fats and proteins so carbohydrates seem not important for the survival of the body.


required amount of Fat Fat is not always means to increase the weight of your body whereas it is also important to the human body because it plays different roles and help the system to function properly. Yes it is true that fatty foods rapidly enhance the body level and make you bulky, but it does not indicate that you do not need fat anymore. It regulates your inflammatory system, absorb vitamin fat-soluble and produce hormones so you should put emphasis on fats.

Add required amount of Fat in the diet

As fats are valuable for the body, but it is also the fact that people should be stayed away from fatty foods due to its fatty specialty that makes a man obese. You can add nuts, vegetables, fruits to increase and balance the level of Omega 3 that is usually low in youngsters.