Apple for weight loss is used in different strategies along with cinnamon and lemons for which you need to control over your diet and also need to follow workout schedules. Both apple cider vinegar and cinnamon play a very positive role together and bring good results in regards of losing weight. In the wording of Paul C. Bragg cinnamon plays a great role in reducing the level of sugar in the blood and decrease the urge for taking food and decreases weight. On the other side, apple work with cleanliness of the body, maintain the sugar level and repress the feelings of hunger. Here, you will find different ways by following which you can use apples in reducing your weight.

to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight LossStep 1

Take vinegar cider of Apple for weight loss about two tablespoons in raw form then mixes it with refined water along with two tablespoons honey. Use the mixture of these ingredients on a daily basis and after some days assess the results, but remember you have to drink this mixture about four to five times a day.

Step 2

While using this trick you have to be conscious with your diet even it requires fasting about 2 to three days and the purpose behind this is to detoxify the body. Don’t lose your heart by reading the word fasting because it does not mean that you have to take fast for three days. In these days you have to eat fresh or boiled vegetables and prefer juices or fruits, additionally dry fruits, nuts can also be used.

Step 3

It is also suggested that the apple cider vinegar should be drunk after each meal that boost the metabolic system by maintaining the sugar level in blood. According to Mackie Shilstone the regular use of vinegar water more efficiently work to decrease weight in the regular way.

Step 4

Along with the use of this apple cider water you have to decide your daily basis foods and the quantity too to analyze the results of this strategy. Select low calorie foods and add fresh vegetables with fruits and try to get more protein from food and for this you can add fish, chicken, eggs and beef into your meal. The diet plans are as necessary as you need different strategies to lose your weight and the goal should be preplanned to get best conclusion.

Step 5

Sugar rule is very important so during following diet plan you should be sure that it stabilizes sugar level in your blood and Cinnamon work well to stabilize sugar and prevent you from insulin effects.

Step 6

By making diet plans, also give preference to exercise plans and use apple cider vinegar before going to follow your routine’s workouts. Take apple water before 40 to 60 minutes while doing exercise and it works with hydration and potassium level to boost the level of energy.

Step 7

Not just rely on vinegar on Apple for weight loss because nothing can take the place of fresh water so drink water as you can on a daily basis. It naturally works with metabolism and digestive system and represses the desire to eat more than your requirement that is cool for losing weight.