We all know sleeping at night is one of the partial practice to maintain your current weight. An 8-10 hours sleep at night may help you to reduce your weight. If you are feeling deficiency in your sleeping hours and don’t want to take sleeping medicines it is too good. However, you may use under given one of your favorite foods to complete your sleeping duration. These foods are full of protein, magnesium and potassium that can play a vital role to increase your sleep duration.

1. Eggs

how eggs help in slpeeingJacob Tetelbaum who is a famous diet expert of M.D thinks Eggs have high quantity of protein that will keep your sugar level stable that will help you to sleep over the night. You may use hard boiled eggs as late night snacks. However, if you don’t like to intake more eggs you may use other protein-rich foods that may help you to complete your sleeping time.

2. Almonds

almonds are better for sleepThe high quantity of magnesium in almonds may help you to get a whole night sleep reported by same, Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. He thinks almonds are the best source of portion that will maintain your blood sugar level same as egg. You may use almonds as handful snacks for adrenaline cycle to your rest-and-digest cycle.

3. Chickpeas

best food for sleepingChickpeas also known as garbanzo beans and it contains vitamin B-6 and this vitamin type produce serotonin in your blood and a big source to decrease stress. You may eat chickpeas in your dinner as salad to promote sleeping hours. However, the experts suggest to avoid too much quantity of chickpeas, because the very high quantity of proteins in garbanzo beans may produce gas and it would disturb your sleep.

4. Bananas

bananas for sleepYou may surprise to read this that banana may help you to promote your sleeping hours, but how? Banana creates a healthy circulation and digestion in your body and promotes your muscles and nerves system and it will leads you to relax mode and you increase your sleeping hours as well. You may use banana in liquid form just cut it and mix with milk and ice.

5. Kale

kale best food to sleep betterShawn Talbott famous nutritional expert thinks kale may put you to sleep. He founded that kale contains very high quantity of calcium and potassium and these both food elements may promote your sleep hours. You may use kale as salad before planning for a good night’s sleep. Not a fan of Kale? Don’t worry about that, you may use other potassium rich foods like Swiss chard or spinach.