If you have a New Year resolutions and it is related to your weight loss or keep healthy yourself. This year you need to avoid form the given five foods that would harm your health and cause to increase your weight.

Chicago-style pizza

harmful foods for healthPizza is one of the major foods that would affect your diet plan, so this year you should avoid from pizza how much you can. Pizza would add more than 1300 calories and nearly 25 grams of saturated fat in your artery. However it does not mean that you should avoid pizza completely. You can order a pizza without meat toppers and add vegetables in your pizza choice. This type of pizza will help you to enjoy less than 250 calories delicious pizza.


foods to avoidUsually bagels made with the refined wheat flour and it contains a huge number of fiber and nutrients but these are bad enough. Because a single bagel has a lot of calories inside it that would be equal to four to five slices of junky white bread. Some type of bagels contains butter, light cream cheese and heart-healthy nut butter.

Theater Popcorn

fatty foodsWe know a large number of people like to eat popcorn when they go for new movie in the cinema. Popcorn contain coconut oil which have 90% saturated fat that would add extra fats in your weight. A 20 cups of greasy popcorn contains over 1200 calories and 60 grams of saturated fats, which is equal to 3 large size burgers. Now you should definitely break your habit to eat popcorn while watching movies.


dont drink sodaA regular glass of soda contains over 100% of calories in the sugar or high fructose corn syrup that used to make it delicious. Some of the people think it’s a liquid candy and this candy is largely responsible for fat bodies. To drink soda more and more will damage your teeth as well as it would weaken your bones. Avoid from soda how much you can and use fresh water and natural flavored juices.

Hot Dogs

foods that help to gain weightA regular hot dog contains 80% of its calories from fat and unhealthy saturated fats. Your habit to eat hot dogs on regular basis would be cause of colon cancer. If you are really interested in eating hot dongs change its ingredients. Use chicken or turkey sausages that will provide you more portions and less fats.