Fiber rich foods always have an important role in your weight loss diet plan. Here are some of the high fiber foods that will help you to maintain your weight. However, you will need to avoid from hungry feelings that would cause weight gain.


apple for weight lossThere is a saying “An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away” is perfect to keep you fit and safe from doctors. A large size apple has 5 grams of fiber and near about 120 calories. While eating an apple never use veggie peeler because apple’s half of the fibers are in its skin. Try to eat the whole fruited for more benefits.


fiber rich foodsBroccoli may not be a famous food but it has a high quantity of fibers. A dish made by chopped, cooked broccoli contains 5 grams of fiber and near about 50 calories. The bunch of broccoli contains high fibers that will help you to complete your food requirement while maintaining your diet plan.

Chia Seeds

best seeds with hgih fiberA tablespoon of chia seeds have nearly 70 calories. Chia seeds develop a gel in liquid texture. These type of seeds also contains some fatty acids, proteins and high quality fibers. Fiber will help you to lose weight faster and protein will give you energy to maintain your routine work.

Rolled Oats

foods for weight lossRolled Oats is a good breakfast cereal however, it should be used in less quantity. A 1/3rd cup of rolled oats contains over 100 calories and over 3 grams of fiber. Experts consider it a high fiber food and one of the best foods to lose weight faster.


farro dish for weight lossA cup of farro contains 8 grams of fiber, the brown rice are an important part of a farro dish, whcih contains 5 grams of fiber. While buying try to find out whole-grain farro, it will reduce your cooking time. You can use farro with vegetable soup or hearty grain salad.