Victoria’s Secret Model Diet is not as different as other models, but the main difference comes from their belief is the workout schedules, which they follow in making their stunning body. They are the supermodels who have sexy and gorgeous look and belief that exercise with a healthy diet makes a man perfect and cool.

& Tips How they maintain their weightThey all are very sensitive to have their diet and do not eat anything risky for their health and prefer to eat a nutritious diet that boosts the metabolism and digestive system. Yes it is true that the model’s best thing is always their figure for which they cannot compromise and same is happening with Victoria’s models that they follow workouts to burn their extra fat and remain cool and fit. Here is a list of Victoria’s models, read all to get tricks for their beauty.

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima diet secretVictoria’s Secret Model Diet plan first include “Adriana Lima” is a famous model of Brazil who talks fast for three days before going to ramp and just rely on liquid things that’s awesome. Never try this trick because her pattern to follow this diet schedule is very strong and based on healthy proteins and nutrition. She often eats grains, fruits and fresh vegetables to fulfill her desire to eat. Moreover, she performs many aerobic exercises to make her bones strong and healthy including martial art skills.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda diet secretShe prefers lean protein and carbohydrates and eats enough amounts of these by getting healthy food including vegetables, grains, egg, oatmeal, curd and fruits. She takes the start of her day with a smart breakfast contains curd of different flavors like blueberry and avocado. There is not much difference between the types of her lunch and dinner foods because she always tries to take fish, chicken and salad in her diet, but in little amount. Sometimes she takes dark chocolates to refill the energy when she feels tired and never compromise with her routine’s workout schedule.

Heidi Klum

heidi diet secretShe is very talented and famous among many other Victoria’s models even she is 37 years old, but still looks gorgeous and stunning. It’s all due to her diet plans and workouts that make her beautiful as she always. After getting a baby, she followed the rules for her diet strictly even did not eat calorie containing foods to achieve her target to be smart as she was before and she succeeds. She follows New York Body Plan for her diet and relies on fruits and vegetables as the demand of her physic.

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele diet planShe is like Lima and her favorite things are cheeseburgers and meat, but she stays away from fatty foods to gain her purpose behind this diet. Along with her diet plans she prefers to perform yoga and go for aerobic exercises on a daily basis that makes her body perfect and helps her burn fat and calories.

Marisa Miller

marisa diet planThe last, but not the least in Victoria’s Secret Model Diet is Marisa Miller who always eats fresh vegetables and fruits because she loves her physic and wants to remain same. Her main secret of her beauty is the fresh water that she drinks a lot in a day and belief on workout plans.