If we look forward to those celebrates who got success in their weight lose strategy in recent days, the name of Maria Menounos is on the hit list. Now she got an incredible body after following a proper diet and workout plan, here is how she manages to lost over 40 pounds.

She had also written a book “The EveryGirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness: How I Lost 40 lbs and Kept It Off-And How You Can Too!” with full of information that would provide you everything about her weight loss plan. She thinks would never new if she didn’t share in her book, but she want to let you know that’s why she shared her weight lose tricks with you.

how maria lost 40 poundsMaria thinks woman who are focusing to lose weight, can follow her chronicle 40-pound weight loss journey. She added first of all you need to determine what you want to do, so you should follow exact plan as per your goal. First of all she hired a trainer for one workout session daily and stat skipping her old foods but she start following a new phase to lose more weight.

When she left college, she has to start her weight loss journey as when she was size 14, and her jeans were getting tight, and she did not want to buy a size 16. She was getting depressed to her increase size. So she had to decide for a change that would took one year.

maria weight loss success story

How she did it?

On initial stages of her weight lose plan she has to cut a little from her diet, continue eating everything that she likes but just in a little less quantity. She start avoiding to eat calorie rich foods little bit more than a little bit more.

She manages to lost over 20 pounds in just 5 months until she didn’t told anyone she is on diet, that is her biggest tip ever.

When she manages to lose 20 pounds with a simple diet plan, she joins some workout plans in the 2nd phase of her weight loss plan, she just started to get motivation from her soundings, as she thinks “you won’t do that until you’re motivated”.

She added that she don’t eat processed flour, sugar and white this that but she made a big change in her diet but with the passage of time. Now she is still stick to her simple diet and avoiding calorie rich foods that she has left slowly.