It was a long term battle of Kirstie Alley who has revealed her weight loss secret after losing over 50 pounds. She had learned many new tips while getting back in a fit shape. Here are some special tips from Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Secret, which would help you to make your diet plan better in order to lose more fats in few days.

weight lose secret of Alley

Alley’s Weight Loss Secrets

The first tip is that she started riding on bike with her kids and go to store for routine shopping, try to be like a child however, she is 63 of age.

She followed a full of protein diet that keep her energetic and save her to intake more calories.

Alley shared that she joined Dancing with the Stars (a famous dancing competition) and manage to lose more than 100 pounds, but again gained 30 pounds during holidays.

Findings during Weight Loss Plan

She feels the cuts again in her arms, so she found that to stop working on weight loss plan will get you back in fatty life.

She also found that there is double slandered about male and female actors, as she notice if male go up or down in their weight nobody will make it an issue, and vise-versa with females.

After losing over 50 pounds she assumed a lucky person, as she don’t have massive amount of weight.

Alley’s Weight Loss Goal

She never hired a personal trainer for her so far weight loss plan, but she still have a hope to get a bikini body shape soon. She assumed herself to strutting and diving into a pool with slim body.

She is still determinant to lose more weight and don’t have any plan to give up until she achieve her goal.

best diet plan of alley

She Thinks: “Is it hard to stay thin for the rest of your life? Yeah, But I want to keep at it until I’ve mastered it.”