kim kardashian wegith loseTomorrow, May 24th will be the big day of television star Kim Kardashian, as she is going to knot with Kanye West. Kim and her partner arranged a party in the world famous city Pries, France and will make their moment more memorable inviting their close relatives and friends.

However, this is exclusively reported Kim has lost much pounds before she weds with West. After her delivery she started to workouts for weight loss and still working on her diet plan to lose more pounds. reported Kim is preparing for her wedding with an affective weight lose method and finding more techniques to be slim and healthy.

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Weight Loss Diet Plan Revealed

The reports that disclosed the 33 year old celebrity’s weight lose plan before wedding shows Kim has stuck with healthier eating for losing weight. It has almost one year spent when she gives birth to her baby in June 2013 and start working to bring her body back in normal weight. During this 11 months period after the birth of her first baby she has lost 43 pounds using Atkins diet. source added she lost 43 pounds after drinking a lot of water as she always keep a water bottle with her, instead of eating much.

As per a sources of Kim do too much exercise for weight lose however, when she wakeup in the morning she do almost 100 squats, the friend source added she wants to look more pretty in her wedding photos, and she is working for her big day.