Kim Kardashian’s weight loss secret revealed after pregnancy. The new mom has revealed her bikini body 7 months after giving birth to her baby. Kim looks incredible when she appeared in a swimsuit on a magazine cover.

Kim Kardashian has lost nearly 55 pounds after pregnancy. The celebrity revealed her diet choice during and after pregnancy and after losing 55 pounds there are 10 more pounds to go.

If you are going to copy Kim’s way of diet surely you will lose extra weight if you are facing some problem after pregnancy.

Follow the way of Kim Kardashian weight loss after pregnancy. Colette Heimowitz, a dite expert, says that plan like Kim would be between 1800 to 2000 calories for a day, which included:

after pragnancy kim's bodyBreakfast: only 2 eggs’ omelet along with spinach and cheese

Snack 1:  Hummus with veggies that usually included red pepper, cucumber and broccoli

Lunch:  asparagus, Grilled salmon and side salad with cream

Snack 2:  Cheese Roll, Greek Yogurt with blueberries and slivered almonds

Dinner:  Broccoli, Side salad with olive oil and Chicken breast

kim after pragnancyAlong with managing her breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks she also prefer nuts, vegetables, lean meats, fiber, fruits and full of protein natural foods like fish.

Now it’s your turn to follow Kim’s way to lose weight after pregnancy. Enjoy healthy life like this famous celebrity.