When we talk about the one of the most beautiful and shaped Hollywood actress, the name of Anglian Jolie strikes the cord of our mind. We can just go for the Angelina Jolie diet and workout plan without wasting time in her introduction, as this world famous actress has a different identity in her field. Here are some of the effective routine works of Anglian Jolie that keep her fit and active.

best diet plan of anglina jolie

Angelina Jolie Diet Schedule

She prefers to eat small meals after interval of the day, that included huge quantity of protein and she try to avoid from carbohydrate rich foods. Here is the daily diet plan of Angelina Jolie, which you can easily follow to keep yourself healthy.

Breakfast: Anglian starts the day with a half bowled egg (prefer to use egg’s white) toasted English muffin, breakfast patty some fruits or margarine

Snack: little bit fruits, grain crackers or light string cheese

Lunch: she takes tuna fish sandwich mixed with low fat mayonnaise Lettuce, she also uses salad products like tomato, celery, onion or carrots

Snack: Fat free yogurt or raw almonds

Dinner: Baked skinless chicken or potato (prefer breast of the chicken) or steamed vegetables.

Snack: Some time nitrify high energy bar

anglina jolie fit body

Angelina Jolie’s Workout Routine

Yoga Workouts

Angelina Jolie loves to do yoga for a better body shape and the special yoga moves keep her away from calories. She always try to do yoga that help her to get fit as well as it keeps her calm down in her busy life. Yoga gives her a good chance to relax her mind and body and increase her working capability.


As she is an action actress and kickboxing is one of the favorite game of this beautiful lady. Kickboxing helps Angelina Jolie to increase her muscle power and toned her body.

Angelina Jolie also likes to do some weapon based training, street fighting is one her favorite game. She just does it to burn fats and increase the stamina.