Each female celebrity has a diet secrete that includes her workout strategy or routine meal plan. Here you will know something extraordinary about your favorite female celebrities who are trying to keep their self in a fit shape by using their favorite liquid diets to maintain their energy and shape.

Salma Hayek uses Cooler Cleanse

Cooler CleanseSuch as many other celebrities Salma Hayek is a big fan of Cooler Cleanse, that help here to maintain her diet and it is also effective for weight loss plan as well. There are many other celebrities included Oprah, Edward Norton and Natalie Portman are the fan of Cleanse.

Brooke Burke uses Omega Water

Omega WaterThis is one of the new products to weight loss that is liked by many other female celebrities to maintain their weight. Brooke is a big fan of Omega Water who is maintain her diet with this extraordinary liquid dieting product.

Lady GaGa uses Green Tea

Green TeaGreen tea is one of the most popular drink among the celebrities, which they like to drink before their performance on the stage. Lady Gaga always use green tea to keep herself in a fit shape. Green tea is a big source of aid digestion, antioxidants and curb appetite.

Madonna uses Coconut Water

coconut waterMadonna who is one of the most senior and worldwide popular celebrity singer, still looks a fit and healthy women. The Coconut Water is one of the major liquid diets of the 50 years old singer. Coconut water help her to reduce weight because it is free of cholesterol.

Kristin Chenoweth uses Dream Water

Dream WaterDream water is another favorite liquid diet of many famous celebrities. Dream water help them to keep themselves ready to perform on the stage after a sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. Kristin Chenoweth is using dream water to complete her sleep duration.

Jennifer Aniston uses Smart Water

Smart WaterJennifer Aniston is a busy celebrity women who is trying to keep herself ready for more work to drink smart water. She uses it to maintain her weight that help her to stay fit and healthy.