There are many of the celebrities who got success in their weight loss strategy and now living a healthy and fat free life. See the brief history of these 5 male celebrities’ weight loss successes who are now in a better shape to give you more entertainment.

Perez Hilton

perez weight loss successPerez Hilton a Celebrity blogger got success to lose 60 pounds in almost 3 years by following a proper diet plan. He was not only relying on eating less caloric foods as well as Perez put his valuable time to the gym. He started brisk walking on daily basis without rest in a week. He was not only working for him as he started a fitness website to share weight loss tips with others.

Seth Rogen

seth weight loss successThe “Knocked Up” star who got famous for his different funny characters has a great weight loss success in recent years. He dropped over 30 pounds in less than a year. He joined gym under the instructions of a famous celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak, as well as follow a healthy eating plan.

Jonah Hill

hill's weihgt loss successJohan Hill was facing a very heavy weight figure in his last movie released in 2011, Money Ball. Jonah always credit his healthier eating and the best sushi meal that help him to slim down. He acted very seriously on his weight loss strategy. He cut out several foods from his daily diet plan and add a lot of workout to get better results.

Drew Carey

carey's weight loss successDrew Carey is a famous comedian and TV star who have lost over 80 pounds after following a sticky weight loss plan. He prefers to maintain his exercise with brisk walking, rigid exercise six times a week. In diet he followed fruits and vegetables, eggs and yogurt. He was suffering from diabetes when he was fat, however, now he has no need to take a single medicine, disclosed in People Magazine.

Rev Run

rev run weight loss successRev Run manage to loss more than 22 pounds and got a fat free figure. When Rav was facing fat he was also suffering from type 2 diabetes same as his father. Than he realized he has to loss extra fats from his body and started workout on daily basis.