To do Yoga is one of the most important workout for fast weight loss and keep healthy yourself. Here are some of the celebrities who do yoga for a perfect body shape.

Michelle Williams

Michelle workoutsMichelle Williams founded a yoga institute for Single Moms with her two friends in Boston. She thinks that yoga and meditation helped her to be healthy and made her a better mother. Her yoga plan for single moms give child care to the new mothers by some free and paid classes.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer workoutsJennifer Aniston has devoted a long time of her life in yoga. This all because of her close friend Ingber, who has published a book “Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover” in 2013. Jennifer thinks the instant yoga guide by Ingber helps her to burn extra fats and gives her a good shape in short time.

Jessica Biel

Jessica workoutsJessica Biel does a lot to keep healthy herself but one of the important things that make her smarter is yoga moves to weight loss. Biel thinks that yoga is a continues guide for her to be herself healthy and fit. She also thinks that a hot body comes with a cost and she has to do a lot for that.

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Gisele Bundchen

Gisele workoutsGisele Bundchen the mom of two babies still have a perfect body shape. Gisele and her friends do yoga in open air studio. The actress thinks that yoga is a beautiful way to start a morning and a healthy day. She mostly likes to do twisting lunge posture in her daily yoga practice.

Lady Gaga

gaga workoutsThe one and only singer who is known for her different style of dresses has revealed that she is also a yoga lover. She has been seen in a famous yoga studio in New York City Lower East side, where she was following some of the yoga moves in a lacy underwear as she known for different dresses.