There are some of the famous female celebrities who prefer vegetarian diet plan in most days of the month. They plan their monthly diet with full of vegetables and fruits and try to avoid other foods that may lead them to the fat. Here we are going to introduce some of the famous female vegetarians who will motivate to be fit with a vegan diet.

1. Kristen Bell

vegan diet women Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars star shared her fitness secret in Vegetarian Times. She shared, once she doesn’t like to eat meat because she doesn’t like to chew it. From her child hood she was counted in those kids who like to eat vegetables. Kristen likes the colorful foods on her plate and prefers to eat them. Now Kristen is the part of famous people who are on a vegan diet and she is convincing her husband too.

2. Kristen Wiig

vegetarian famous womenKristen Wiig, the Bridesmaids star always credits her fitness to being a vegetarian. Along with her vegetarian diet she prefers to drink more water to stay healthier. Wiig tries to take splurge in one day of the week. Kristen has also been honored in 2011 by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as one of the Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarians.

3. Lea Michele

women who are vegetarianLea Michele, Glee star gets her energy from vege foods. She loves to eat vegetable rich foods to get more fiber in order to avoid fats. However, she has tried a lot of things in her vegetable diet plan. This actress is known to go back in her age while focusing a vegetarian lifestyle.

4. Edie Falco

vegetarian women dietEdie Falco doesn’t like to eat animals because she thinks people mistreat with animals after watching the video to kill animals for eating purposes. She prefers to eat vegetables and take a nap in the afternoon. This practice stays her healthy and active to perform her job in a better way.

5. Carrie Underwood

vegetarian women diet planCarrie Underwood has her family’s farm and she likes to eat the vegetables of her own farm, this is why she is one of the famous female vegetarians. When she was at the age of 10 she becomes the vegan and always avoid meat to eat.

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