The fans of celebrity always have an eye on their favorite celebrities, here are five famous celebrity weight loss after pregnancy in 2013, who lose weight after giving births to their children. Take a look on their before and after pregnancy photos.

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian wegith loseKim Kardashian pregnancy one of the most anticipated delivery for her fan. She has an affective weight loss after pregnancy. She got a magically and revolutionary body shape after the delivery. You can clearly see the results in this picture.


fergie weight loseOne of the most popular singer had a pregnancy this year. She manage to get an impressive body shape after her pregnancy. Before pregnancy she was facing extra weight but she manage to get a smart body by following affective weight loss diet and workouts.

Kourtney Kardashian

kourtney weight lose after pragnancyKourtney Kardashian revealed her perfect body shape after an affective pregnancy diet. She lose all of her extra fats after giving birth to her child. Now there are no extra weight engaged with her body.

Evan Rachel Wood

evan weigth lose after pragnancyNow Evan Rachel Wood has a perfect body shape after windup her pregnancy. Before and during her pregnancy she got fated and she had extra weight in different body parts, like hips, thighs and arms, however now she recovered it.

Holly Madison

Madison weight lossThe charming looking girl Holly Madison was facing some extra fats before her pregnancy but that was not too much. Now she has recovered form pregnancy and comes to her original body shape after an affective weight loss workout plan.