People always have an eye on their favorite celebrity’s figures and their looks. Her are 5 famous celebrities who manage to lose their weight after following a successful weight loss plan.

Sara Rue

celeb diet secretSara Rue is a famous representative of “Jenny Craig” and looks very impressive since she joins their program. She was getting fat but after an effective diet now she has a fit shape according to her job. However, she is still working for a fit figure.

Star Jones

weight loss of satr jonesAfter her gastric bypass surgery, Star Jones has lost her increased weight and now she looks prettier. She had a big change in her habits, food choices and daily routine tasks to lose her weight faster. She thinks if a person is not willing to change his/her lifestyle the dream to lose weight will never convert into reality.

Jennifer Hudson

best weight loss of celebsJennifer Hudson, spokeswoman for Weight Watchers seems her stunning figure is getting fat, but she manages to overcome her weight gain and follow a perfect diet plan. She has to spend a lot of time for weight loss and maintenance. She spends a very busy life while losing her weight, but she got succeeded.

Kelly Osbourne

best celebrity weight lossKelly Osbourne has become a great example of healthy weight loss. The combination of portion control, daily workout and the most important, at least 7 hours of sleep at night have an effective role in her weight loss. She follows these steps and lost near about 2 pounds per week.

Jessica Simpson

weight loss suceessJessica Simpson lost her weight after following “BeSlim” and she got success in it. Here ‘B’ is for Breakfast, which has a key role in meal to start a healthy day. She set a healthy breakfast at the start of her day and added some extra workouts for fast weight loss.