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TipsforDieting is a valuable source for managing your well-being, and assists those people who need help from you. There are qualified and experienced doctors who are the part of our team and always contribute to improve all the aspects of dieting programs. Dieting tips are not only the part of our content, as you can obtain useful advices and resources that will help you to live a healthy life.

Women will enjoy their life more freely with the before and after pregnancy diet guidelines. The team of Tips for Dieting is creating perfect diet plans especially for pregnant women. We are not only working for women as men’s health is another major priority of our team, they can manage their health while dealing with the busy working life.

We know there is a demand to be healthy for teenagers, they will get valuable guidelines for their fitness and sports diet plans. “To be healthy is the need of everyone” our team knows the phrase and they are trying to keep you fit with safe and energetic diet plans.


Our Team of Authors


Pam Saunders (Chief Editor)

Pam Saunders is a senior doctor in a gynaecology hospital and running her own clinic. She is an MBBS gynaecology surgeon and the head of her hospital’s women’s health department.  She has over 5 years of experience in the related field. Pam Saunders is the important part of authors’ team. She is going to share her knowledge in shape of dieting tips for the women during their pregnancy and after giving birth to their child. There will be a part of the content available for women’s fitness gear and pregnancy diet. Google +


Donald Mitchell


Donald is a founder and head author of He is a part of the senior doctoral committee in a famous hospital. Now started this dieting tips blog for the general public in order to share his experience and knowledgeable tips about healthy diet plans. Since 2000 he has been working in the health department of a hospital and he knows better about the fitness and dieting plans for every age of people. Now Donald will share useful tips with you in order to keep you healthy with affordable dieting plans. Google + & Twitter


Janie Howell


Janie a medical student and doctor by profession, she has good ideas about healthy tips especially or females. She is working in a hospital on for initial practice and providing her services as a junior doctor. Now she is one of the important members of in order to share healthy tips and tricks for men and women. Janie has an innovative mind to create healthy natural diet plans and she always has an eye on celebrity diet secrets for our readers. She has lots of interest to join the health department as a senior doctor. Google + & Twitter